The League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans (LOGIC) expressed disappointment in the Longmont and Ft. Collins decisions released today by the Colorado Supreme Court. The Colorado Supreme Court today issued a ruling to overturn both the fracking ban and the moratorium passed by voters in Longmont and Ft. Collins – respectively.

The League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans (LOGIC) issued the following statement, “LOGIC is disappointed by the Longmont and Fort Collins decisions released today by the Colorado Supreme Court. In these decisions, the Court has reaffirmed the overriding power of the oil and gas industry in Colorado, and in doing so, has once again devalued the rights of impacted citizens, neighborhoods and schoolchildren. Along with the State regulatory agency refusing to give impacted citizens standing to contest intrusive oil and gas developments, the Court has now all but eliminated citizens’ ability to seek help through their local governments.”

Local and impacted residents from around the metro area also expressed disappointment and frustration at the decision. “These new Court decisions make it clear local governments have no legal authority in Colorado to restrict locating and operating new oil and gas developments, even when they are proposed to be built close to schools or next to neighborhoods,” said Jacky Kowalsky of Adams County, “despite many new oil and gas facilities containing dozens of wells and hundreds of pieces of equipment, the Court appears to be telling local governments they cannot enact local regulations to protect their citizens.” Dan Johnston, a member of the Board of Directors for LOGIC added, “When the Supreme Court strikes down a local government’s ability to regulate the storage and disposal of oil and gas industry toxic wastes in their own community, change is needed and needed now.”

“It is past time for more Colorado decision makers to come together with Colorado residents and actively work to find solutions that protect Colorado residents from the impacts and burdens of oil and gas development, I am disappointed that the Court did not see fit to recognize the voices of thousands of Longmont and Ft. Collins residents,” said Marilyn Hughes of Longmont.

“LOGIC was founded on the belief Colorado must find a better way forward in addressing oil and gas conflicts and the burden of oil and gas to Colorado residents. Through planning and cooperation between the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and local governments, future conflicts can be lessened while preserving the industry’s ability to recover oil and gas. This decision leaves residents more vulnerable to the risks and impacts of oil and gas development.”

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